Things to do in Cork, Ireland

Here’s me writing posts about places all around Ireland and I haven’t even touched on the amount of things Cork has to offer. From stunning places to stay, eat and see, there is no shortage of things to do in the real capital!

Especially now, we need to support local businesses and what better way to do that than exploring your own city through new eyes! Try somewhere new for food, then stroll around the city and take it all in. I promise you will fall in love with Cork all over again!

Cork is literally one of the best places to go for food and drink, there are so many places to choose from! Here’s a list of suggestions for your Cork staycation.

Where to Stay:

Places to Eat & Drink

Things to Do

So since we are stuck in our county, be sure to make the most out of all Cork has to offer and support some local businesses at the same time! Tag me if you are head to any of these places and who knows I might even see you out and about in Cork!

Love S x


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