Black Friday: Do’s & Don’ts

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It’s the most wonderful hectic time of the year and I don’t need to say that twice! There are so many offers, tempting discounts, coming from all directions!

How do you know what’s a really valuable saving versus a sales gimmick to help a business sell more products?

How can you avoid spending way over your budget and having regrets?


It’s complicated, but don’t worry, I’ve got you.. AND I WILL have exclusive discount codes and offers so keep a close eye on my IG stories!

Here are some Black Friday Do’s & Don’ts to follow to make sure you get the most out of the sales:


  • DO make a wish list and stick to it. It is really easy to be distracted by shiny discounts but sticking to your list means you won’t have any shoppers regret from impulse buys.

Here’s a sneak peek at mine:

  • DO think logically about what you need? You can’t beat good staple pieces in your wardrobe and this is the time of the year to grab them! I wouldnt recommend buying for the wrong season during the sales unless you loooooove it because realisiclaly it will be put away and forgotten about by the Summer!

Some staples inspo:

  • DO your research! The same item may be selling for different prices on different sites, have a look around and compare where you can get the best deal. Have a look for discount codes too but also very important to look at the final price. On one site where the item may be cheaper, the shipping and import duties may be much higher. Also have a look at the refund / return policies. These often change during Cyber Week to no refunds / exchanges so be careful!


  • DO have a look in your wardrobe before shopping, what do you have already? Note what you dont need more than one of what and note what you need to make up outfits incorporating pieces you have already.

DO the 30 wears test, will you wear it 30 times? Can you rewear / restyle? Could you sell it afterwards?


  • DO consider buying second hand. There are so many amazing second hand options that may have discount codes or offers running, Vestaire Collective is my go to but there are so many others so do some research and see what pre loved bargains you can snatch!
  • DO support local where possible, there are so many Irish retailers now selling our favourite worldwide brands, like Kildare Village, SHAWS, Samui in Cork, Seagreen, House of Labels, Pamela Scott, Brown Thomas, Kilkenny Design and much more.
  • DO start your Christmas shopping during Black Friday / Cyber week, get bargains for yourself and your friends and fam.
  • DO look into practical savings too, alot of Gym memberships, Staycations, Laptops, Phones, Homewears will go on sale during this time too, it’s not just fashion and beauty.

Here’s where I’ll be shopping:

  • Scope out the sales before the big day! A lot of brands have already started their offers or have announced what they’ll be. Check out your favourite brands so you know what’s out there.

Keep an eye on my Instagram Stories and LTK where I will be live updating and sharing the best worthwhile offers and sales available.


  • DONT get sucked into all the offers and buy things you don’t need! It’s so easy to get sidelined by everything that’s available over Cyber Weekend!


  • DONT buy straight away unless it is an item you simply cant live without. Sometimes the offers will change throughout the week, it is risky business either way. Sometimes you will buy and it will be further reduced, other times youll wait and itll sell out or your size wont be available in the extra reduced price. Weigh up if its worth the risk of waiting or not.


  • DONT focus on the brands that do sales all of the time like ASOS, PLT, NastyGal etc.. focus on getting good quality brands for less. This is the time of year to build on what you have and elavate your looks with luxury bargains like leather jackets, belts, bags, sunglasses etc. The fast fashion sales may seem like a good idea but it is not good for your wardrobe, the planet or the workers buying massive hauls of items at 10 cent a piece. Realisically the item will fall apart after one wear or never be worn. I have made this mistake myself FAR too many times myself.
  • Lastly and most importantly.. DONT spend outside your means. No sales are worth being financianlly under pressure coming up to Christmas. DO give yourself a budget and stick to it!

If you’re looking for some ideas of things to buy, check out my latest YouTube video where I share brands and items I love and what’s on my wishlist, there is a huge range of items from inspiring motivational journals and mirror markets, candles, scrapbooking creative ideas, beauty christmas sets, hair tools, bags and accessories, luxury clothes and footwear and muuuuch more.