Recipes & Takeaways for us Veggie Heads

As some of you may know, but I suspect a lot of you don’t I am actually a vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life and with that I always try to make something different to try from time to time but struggle to find a variety in vegetarian recipes. Now don’t get me wrong I love nothing more than a hash brown roll, cheese boards, pizza and all those tasty things but sometimes it is necessary to eat food that will benefit me while also tasting nice. (If I eat another portion of greasy takeaway I am fully going to be explode.. keep reading to hear some of my and other food bloggers fave places to eat and get takeaways too!)

I think Instagram is one of the best places when it comes to food inspiration and it is here that I have found some unreal pages to follow for some easy recipes, and quick to make and yummy to eat snacks. Lets get into a few of my local fave gals to follow first, Shoutout to Anna, Amy and Aishling who are all Cork gals KILLLLIN the Instagram foodie game.

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Mise en place they call it

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I Looooove how Aishlings take on her food account is reviewing and tasting different cafes and restaurants in Cork too rather than just recipes, so if you are looking to try out somewhere new for your next coffee meeting, she’s your gal!

Next up is one of my all time favessss to follow on every platform Em Sheldon, if you are looking for the ultimate foodie queen then she is your girl she even has her own quick and easy healthy treats recipe book (See Below, PS Also obsessed with her presets!) Between her mix of lifestyle content, dreamy presets and yummy snacks your feed will be literally mouth watering!

Roz Purcell’s Natural Born Feeder page is amazing for recipes for everything from cosy meals to sweet treats! Her website is also brilliant if you’re stuck for ideas.

Next up takeaways, one thing I get asked all the time is oh my god what can you eat as takeaway when you are violently hungover, I used to always turn to a pizza, a curry cheese chips or chilli spice chips but lately but stomach has been acting up eating too much of these (self inflicted Id say haha) My favourite places to eat at the moment as a vegetarian is Roosters or Ramen and I know what you are thinking WHAT can you eat as a vegetarian in Roosters its a chicken place? Wrong!! They now have so many veggie options its actually my go to now, I get burnt lemon and herb halloumi, waffle fries, corn, potato and coleslaw and honestly dont slate me until you try it because UGH YUM! And OF COURSE I get a cheesecake hehe.. I have decided that Roosters Cheesecake will have to be my wedding cake.. Theres so many yummy veggie options like the new watermelon and halloumi salad, halloumi or falafel wraps and endless side portions. I never get the bloated or sick feeling after eating Rooster either so I dont feel as guilty haha I guess it is healthy enough after all right?!

My other go to at the moment is Ramen, nothing beats a Veggie pad Thai. When I worked in MAC I got Ramen on my lunch break every single day for the whole summer without fail, I am surprised I didn’t turn into an egg fried noodle.

If you know any other recipes or places to eat for us veggie heads let me know and I will add them in!

Happy Cooking and Most importantly.. happy eating!!

Shauna xx


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