My Tanning Routine

My tanning routine is one of the most requested thing I get asked by all my blush babies. I suppose I owe it to tan for getting me to where I am today! All my OG followers will know that the first review I did on my story was of So Sue Me’s Dripping Gold Tan, so in a way it was my tan that got me into the world of blogging!

When tanning it is so important to start with prepped skin. If I am already wearing tan that I need to remove I love the So Su Dripping Gold Tan Removal Mousse. I rub this into the skin and then I buff it off in the shower and my skin is the perfect base for fresh tan. If I am really having a treat yourself day I love the Rose and & Caramel Bubble Bath Tan Remover you literally pour it in the tub and then exfoliate your skin to remove any tan. They have a shower gel one too, I literally use the bubble bath one in the shower too when I dont have time to have a bath and it still takes my tan off like a dreaaaaam no dryness, no stinging no waiting around for it to soak in, it is honestly brilliant. If you click here, you can use my code Shauna20 for discount on Rose and Caramel too!

Exfoliating is so important to make sure that tan goes on to smooth skin as opposed to dry skin. Goodbye dry flakey skin cells, we are not here for you!

I exfoliate all over but make sure that I emphasize my ankles, knees and elbows as tan tends to stick to those areas. I love using the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. (Guys the SMELL. Its the best)

One of my absolute favourite tans is Bahama Body by Terrie McEvoy, I probably wear this the most as it has more of a red tone so it really compliments my skin. One of the best things about Bahama Body is that even though it is a really deep red base tan it is not TOO dark for day time. It is also the only tan I wear that is approved by my Dad haha so you know it looks really lovely and natural even while being dark.

I also really love the Dripping Gold Ultra Dark Lotion and Ultra Dark Mousse, again all red based. I wear these when I want to be literally MAHOG I aint got no time for being like Shrek. I used to alwaaays go green no matter what tan I used last week except for those ones, now I am trying and testing different application techniques and trying olive tone tans more to see if there is a way that I can pull them off on my yellow tone skin. Currently I am trying out Bondi Sands Aero (a tan that is vvvvv green but I am giving it another go!) and Bare by Vogue, this tan is sort of a olive / red mix so I will keep ye updated on how I get on with these too!

When my tan is a few days old I love to put on Body Tune by So Su, it’s an instant tan but it’s lasting power is incredible and it doesn’t transfer too badly so you don’t have to wait around for it to dry before putting on your clothes. I find that because it has a really hydrating and smoothing body tuning function to it it actually smooths your scales away haha I am not messing if you find that your tan is scale city and just simply wont come off, pop some of this over it, it will even it out AND help it fade / remove quicker! It really is one of those products I simply couldn’t live without for that reason alone. It comes in Med/Dark and Ultra Dark which is again more red based but I usually stick with the Med/Dark for day.

I’ve just tried So Su’s Liquid Luxe tan and I am already obsessed the colour is incredible and I am sure it is going to be one of my favourites. Its the application process that I cant get over.. I am currently filming a YouTube video review and showing ye how it applies etc so the second I have that up I will link it here! I can honestly say I have neeeeever tried a tan that applies like Liquid Luxe does. I am also going to try out Bare by Vogue tan and Bondi Sands as I mentioned earlier so I will let you all know how I get on with that. PS: As I am writing this Suzanne Jackson has just released another tan essential that we all badly need.. a moisturiser to make you tan go on better and last longer. We love a smooth hydrated scale free QUEEN.

Face tan is so important to get right. Depending on the occasion I have my go to face tan, or depending on what shade I want I have a few that I have tried and reused over and over. I love the So Su Watermelon Wonder Water. Not only does it smell unreal but it gives incredible coverage on the face. Once I have my tan tips and tricks video up you will that I use the Wonder Water to do my hands, knees and feet too some days! I also am loving the Tan Luxe Self – Tanning Drops , you can choose as many drops as you would like so you can alter the shade to match your tan.

If I am going to an event or if I am going to a photoshoot then I love to use either the Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Bronze Base or the Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask because it makes me feel like a boujee bitch yes but also because it does naaaat break me out EVER so I never need to worry about a little pimple popping up. If I am not wearing makeup then and I just want a tanned little face I will go with the Clinique BB Gel (now this is next level shit, it ADAPTS TO THE COLOUR OF YOUR SKIN) or else the Clinique Face Tan because it just washes off without clogging pores over night. Im also loving the ASAP Australia CC cream just to even me out!

If you click the post below it will send you to all of the links to my fave face tans / alternatives such as Mac Face and Body, Tilbury Flawless Filter and more. Anything you buy off Look Fantastic you can use Shauna_LF too to save yourself some moola!

These are the products that I will always swear by for giving me a flawless tan. If you try out any of these products let me know, I love seeing ye MAHOG!

Lots of love,

S x


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