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SHAUNA SHARES #1: How to be a Quarantine Qween
The first Shauna Shares Newsletter is all about surviving lockdown. What to do, how to keep yourself feeling good and even a vlog on a day in lockdown!

SHAUNA SHARES #2: Just a lil’ Chit Chat
Assumptions people make about me, some gorge basics and a lil’ catch up for week two.

SHAUNA SHARES #3: Life Hacks for College
Checking in on everyone, some tips for everyone working from home and/or heading to college! Real-talk relationship advice.

SHAUNA SHARES #4: Pamper Essentials
DIY Pamper Night; face mask & snack recipes PLUS my advice on how to get into blogging!

SHAUNA SHARES #5: Bored in the House
How to cope with migraines plus some funky things to do during lockdown (afternoon tea from the comfort of your home, count me in!)

SHAUNA SHARES #6: You Won’t Take our Summer
Backyard festivals are the new EP. Get the perfect set up and create some cute cocktails while you’re at it.

SHAUNA SHARES #7: Summer Essentials
Skincare Routine PLUS some stuh-nning sustainable Irish brands!

SHAUNA SHARES #8: We’re back babyy
Back after an extended break. Here’s what you missed!