SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!! It wouldn’t be me without a technical difficulty would it? But we are here now people!! To make up for the delay I am going to be giving a subscriber a €50 Penneys voucher all you have to do is comment on the video!

I wasn’t one of those people queuing outside Penneys the day it reopened, and thats not because I didn’t want to haha trust me I probably would have been one of the people camping. If there was one thing I seriously missed during lockdown it was doing in store shopping and stories so I was soooo happy to get back into Penneys taking pics of the new stock and of course I did a try on haul too. So here ya go gals! Let me know what ye liked from what I got or the things I popped below.

I really wanted to buy everything i took pics of especially the beautiful Neutrals but they didnt have my siiiize 🙁 I am going to have to pop up much earlier next week and do another supermarket sweep haha. Please do tag me in anything ye get and show me how ye style them up and down!

This was all only last week too so hopefully they are all still in stock!

Alsoooo did you know there is a Penneys / Primark website to check whats in and what stores has it in stock, super handy and great ways to get inspo. I also just search Penneys / Primark on Youtube, IG and Pinterest for inspiration too so deffo have a sconce there too.

Hope ye enjoyed this guys, again so sorry for the wait and no doubt i will have more Penneys hauls up soon. I am also trying to get my Zara situation sorted too so hopefully I will have that haul and giveaway up soon too.

Lots of Love!

S x


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