Staycation Ideas

The past four months have felt like the longest months of our lives. While we have missed out on holidays, concerts and events that we were all looking forward to in 2020 we are so lucky that for most of us we escaped getting COVID-19. I had a lot of trips planned for this year but they have all been cancelled. While I am sad that they are no longer going ahead (and we are allowed to be sad) I know that someday I will be able to travel to those places again. Even though it is very unlikely I will be getting on a plane this year I have been looking at places to plan a staycation here in Ireland.

I think before all of this we probably took our country for granted and didn’t appreciate all the places we literally have on our doorsteps. We are very lucky to live here, when the sun shines Ireland is unreal.

There are so many beaches around that we can go to for a walk or to spend the day out. I love going to the beach for walks with Milo and my Dad so we will be doing plenty of that over the Summer. When I was younger I used love going to Tramore so I will hopefully get back down there again at some stage.

When I was researching places I could potentially go in Ireland this year I came across The Irish Road Trip. This site literally goes through cool and unique road trips you can take around Ireland depending on the time you have, the site also gives places that you can book in each location. A really cool feature of the site is that you can search locations by county, I must admit that I hadn’t even heard of some of the places in Cork so I am going to try and visit some of them this Summer!

As most Irish people have decided to holiday at home this year it can be hard to find places to book on the dates that suit you. If you can’t find a hotel or Airbnb to suit the dates you are free this Summer, why not try glamping at home?

Grab a few of the gals and lads throw up a few tents get some music, order a takeaway or do a BBQ, have a few drinks and you would be sorted. I think a lot of us just want to spend more time with friends and family this Summer as we were apart for so long, so this could be something cool to try out.

I actually set up a little teepee for myself in the middle of lockdown and it was a really fun way to spend the day and something so easy to recreate.

Someday soon we will be able to get on planes again and normal travelling will resume but for now lets make the most of this gorge country we call home!


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