Summer Staples

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In this blog post I am going to discuss some ‘Summer Staples’ that I think we should all have in our own wardrobes. Irish Summer’s can be so indecisive and the best way I feel to combat that is wearing outfits that you can layer.

One minute we can be sitting in the sun and the next we are ducking for cover from the rain. I’ve put together a few pieces of clothing that can be used for any type of weather we face. What’s even better is these pieces can be mixed and matched with each other to create new outfits.

Before I get into the links of some of my favorite pieces i am going to give you a breakdown of WHY they are so important in your wardrobe!

Leather Jacket: The easiest way to make an outfit look that little bit more biker chic or else just pure sexy for a night out! Pair with Docs and a chunky belt for that rockstar look or else barely theres and a bodycon dress for a nightout and some draaaanks. Whos ready for a hot date or else a GNO.. I know i am ready to finally leave the house and tan my back for the first time in months haha.

Denim Jackets: Quick, easy and quirky. That is all, they are essential and they go with EVERYTHING! Even denim, I am absolutley here for a bitta denim on denim, reminds me of the rugrats haha. #Just90KidsThings

Mom Jeans: I seriously don’t know how I ever lived without mom jeans, I used to be a skinny jeans only sort of gal and now i am the complete oppisite (unless i am wearing heels! ) Mom jeans can be worn for day, night, flats, sandals, runners, heels EVERYTHING. Pair them with chunky runners and a crop top and cardi for a cute and cas look or pair them with a big chunky belt a bodysuit and a pair of stiletoes for a party all night sort of vibe. My style tip for mom jeans is size up so you get that baggy oversized look on your bum and thighs but then pull in the waist paper bag style with a nice belt. Belt wise i like something nice and skinny or else a massive chunky one depending on the look i am going for!

Shoes: All you need is pair of slimmer dressier white runners (converse or stan smiths maybe?) , chunky white runners (I love the Cancun from Topshop!) , boots (think a heeled pair and flat pair are essential!) and a pair of heels and hunny you are covered no matter what the outfit or what weather!

Wrap dresses / versatile dresses: I cannot stressssss enough how much i love a good dress that I will get my value for money from, i mean it i dont want a dress that i will wear once for a night out i want a dress that can be worn day and night, dressy, casual, edgy, pretty, or just hot! I feel like this all comes down to buying good quality staple pieces in block / neutral colours that you can add accesorizes to change up the look.

I talk about this alot in my Youtube video below! This video literally explains all of my styling and shopping secrets including my top tips for making a cohesive outfit by sticking to a LOOK or a VIBE! If you watch it all makes sense and i promise you it will change the way you look at your wardrobe / clothes you are going to buy. (Youll spend less and buy less crap and have more actual cohesive wearable and chic looks!)

This is the main one ^
Or watch this come shopping with me vlog for some more styling and shopping tips!

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