Fortnightly Faves 01.07.2020

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the first of my fortnightly faves series! I will be sharing my favourite discoveries of the last two weeks, whether it’s clothes. shoes, makeup, haircare, books, songs, interiors, you name it. I love browsing for new bits (did someone say shopaholic cos heeeyy), especially when I’m working with Alana. You guys love when I share my fabulous finds with ye and even better when there’s a sale so now you will be able to find all of my faves in one easy place. Happy shopping!


I am potentially denim obsessed NGL, but it’s so handy especially for Irish summers when you might be roasting one minute and freezing the next. I love styling denim it’s definitely my fave.


We love a fresh skin moment so I am here for all the glowy goodies. I’ve also managed to survive with no highlights thanks to the Philip Kingsley Blonde Booster Mask (but I am super excited to get my hair done again)!


As you may have seen on Instagram, I’m doing up my office (if I ever get time!) so I have started a Pinterest Board to save all my inspo pics for when I eventually get to do it. Pinterest is my fave for interior inspiration, I will have a fully Pinterest inspired house when I’m older!


I don’t know about you guys but I have zero time to sit back and watch Netflix but I LOOVVEEE watching fellow YouTube gals! My latest fave to watch is Patricia Bright and especially her business platform The Break. I love how open she is about being a businesswoman and I find her so inspiring.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you all soon!
Love always,
Shauna xx