Dyed my hair.. pink?

Just did a bad thing… (if you sang that then we can be friends!)

I finally dyed my hair (yes two weeks before the hairdressers open but lets not even go there). I wanted to try something fun and funky in my hair before I got back to being freshly blonde.

I used the Shrine Drop it Dye in Pink. Click the photo to buy!

I honestly have never had so many mini breakdowns all at once! From thinking it was too light, to seeing that it was almost RED, to eventually realising that I did not mix the colour right (are we surprised though really?) I literally had to wash my hair with BODY scrub and TAN ERASER. Things we dont love to see.

Of course I got it all on video for you to watch and have a laugh at my expense! Check it out my journey to pastel pink hair below..

Want to see more hair inspo for creamy blondes, chocolate brunettes and also some more pastel looks? Head over to my Pinterest hair inspo board that is being constantly updated!


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