My new Home Office Makeover #WFH

I dont know about you guys but working from home during lockdown and staring at the same 4 walls all day every day, literally drove me nuts and made me want to revamp my work space (and my whole house tbh!) So I FINALLYYY did up my office space and you guys… I’m obsessed!!

As you’ve probably seen on my stories I planned to do up my office to match my new branding so I wanted to go for little pops of colour throughout the space to keep it fun and funky! I found these gorge prints on the Posterlounge and I just had to get loads of them, I love the overlapping vibe of different colours, sizes and shapes. They are perfect to brighten any space and I could not chooose my favourites so I got like 16 prints to dot all around my office. Posterlounge do soo many different aesthetics, sizes and textures (posters, canvas, acrylics, gallery print, foam, aluminium, sticker and even wood!) so theres literally something for everyone, every room and every vibeee you are going for. AND because I am collaborating with Posterlounge I was able to get you guys a code! Shauna15 which is valid until the 3rd of August. Posterlounge deliver all over Europe too shoutout to my across the sea blush babies! Everyone can use this code woohoo.

There are black and white chic vibes, pops of colour, blues, nature pictures, children’s prints and much more, literally whatever and whoever you can imagine theres something there for them. You can really adapt it for your budget too because of being able to pick your own customisable sizes and materials.

Before I chose the prints I wanted and the vibe I wanted to go for in my office, I did my usual ritual of pinning my favourite interiors and prints on Pinterest (you guys know me and my love for Pinterest). I always find Pinterest is the way forward so you can see the finished look of your project / room you are working on, rather than picking out loads of bits and pieces that wont match, make sure you stick to an aesthetic and stay cohesive with everything in the room, it will look so much better this way and will save you money in the long run, I do this for outfits too!

Check out my boards for some inspo, I have a specific Posterlounge mood board below so you can see some of my other favourite prints that I didn’t pick for my own room or else you can shop the whole collection (It will take you ages haha theres too much choice I wanted everything!!) on

I have linked all the prints that I have in my office for you guys, so if you need to spice up your bedroom or office space and add some colour and personality definitely check them out here! Just click any photo and it will bring you to it directly on the website, then just choose your size and material. I got all of my prints in the smallest sizes possible and in canvas.

I just LOVE the gorge pops of colour that the prints bring to my office and I am just so happy in there now. I cannot wait until September when I am creating content in my office full time eek. My outfit pics are about to hit different in this space haha.

If you guys get any of the prints make sure and tag me in your interior pics, there’s nothing I love more than seeing interiors and how you style them in your own rooms and seeing the #vibeeee you go for! 

Don’t forget to check out my interiors inspo post for more gorgey interior bits. And if you are looking for some bedroom inspo check out my Pinterest board and Youtube video on that by clicking here.

Lots of Love

S x


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