Get your Hair and Nails #did honey

Helllloooooo my girls, who is ready for some inspooooo

The hairdressers and nail salons are finally open which means that we can FINALLY get our roots done and our acrylics back on. OOOKKUUR!

As many of you probably saw I ended up dying my hair pink literally the day before the government announced that the hairdressers would be able to open a month earlier than expected. Of course that would happen to me!! So now I am literally scruuuuuubing my hair with Head and Shoulders and hoping that my phone will ring with a hair appointment ASAP!

Although I feel now that many of us will be looking to make changes with our hairstyles, go shorter or get extensions, keep neutral hair colours or do a me on it and go all outttt.. what are you thinking to do for your post lockdown makeover? If you are looking for some inspo have a look on my Pinterest board below.

My nails, lads ye know how much I LOVE getting my acrylics done. Not having my nails done has literally probably been one of the hardest parts of lockdown. I hate painting my own nails and quite frankly I simply cant paint my own nails.. so I cannot wait to go back to the House of Nails to get a new set. Of course I have turned to Pinterest to get some ideas and inspiration for when I finally go to my appointments. Maybe you will see some inspiration here too, make sure to send me your artsy nail pics, omg i am a sucker for nail porn so giveeeee it to me!


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